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lyricstration [lirikstrāSHən] - (noun) A picture inspired by a lyric from a song or poem

Illustrated by Rodney Manabat / @rawdss


It’s been a busy year.

Being about 9 months since I’ve posted these consistently, I’m happy to say I’m ready to be back at it. After graduating college last December, working at 3 different jobs, and going through the whole "wtf am I doing with my life" phase, I’ve finally settled down and have made the time to get back to this project.

I started this project about a year ago, in an attempt to learn and understand the lyrics of songs better, and as a way to express myself creatively with no boundaries. It allowed me to think in my own terms as to how I would bring these lyrics to life. No clients, no deadlines. Just the music and my ideas.

So after the 9 month hiatus, I’m ready to start creating. I can illustrate all the songs and lyrics that I like, but I’d love your help along the way. If you have any suggestions, please inbox me them. My goal is to have a collection of some of the greatest, funniest, and catchiest hip-hop lyrics of all time to choose from. And from there, eventually have them all brought to life.

- rodneymanabat



Finally set up an online store to sell my prints. First time doing this so I’m pretty excited to see how it will go. Will only be selling 5 different ones so far but that will change soon! Limited edition screen prints will soon be on the way as well, depending on the success of these initial 5 prints. Thanks and please share if you can!

*If you would like to buy a Lyricstration that isn’t up on the site, just drop me an email at hi.rawdss@gmail.com

- rawdss

Will be displaying and selling a couple Lyricstrations tonight for the first time at TPG2’s Art Squared Art Show (inside Bamboo Lounge) in Hillcrest in San Diego. Exhibit will be open from February 21 - March 15. CHECK IT OUT.

If I were to sell prints of my “lyricstrations” would any of you buy them?